Workshop: Exploring Printmaking with Minette Dogilewski

“If you can ink it you can print it” (Anne Desmet, RA, editor of Printmaking Today)

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to explore creative printmaking techniques at Carisbrooke Castle Museum. Working with artist Minette Dogilewski you’ll spend the day in the museum’s medieval great hall exploring printing textures through monoprinting, frottage and silk screen printing. 

Monoprintingan impression printed from a printable block, such as a lino block, but printed in such a way that only one of its kind exists. 

Frottage  technique of rubbing textures of various surfaces through a piece of paper;  brass rubbing is an example of this technique.

Silk screen printing – somewhat different from other printmaking processes, the print is made through an intermediary surface – the screen mesh – screenprints are formed by various kinds of stencilling techniques.

With a small group, demonstrations and one to one instruction you’ll have the opportunity to experiment and develop your ideas using these printmaking techniques. The emphasis will be on exploration, discovery, perhaps learning new skills and having fun.

What will be provided
water soluble printing ink
printing roller(s) various sizes
palette knives
printing slab: thick piece of plastic
paper for printing
acid free tissue paper
What to bring
Drawing equipment, pens, pencils etc.
Craft knife
Rubber gloves
Pva paste/glue
Cellotape – ‘Magic’ tape
3-4 Large plastic containers, from soups, cream, sauces, to mix the printing ink
Materials with texture, i.e. lace, cardboard. String, wool
And any other mark making tools

A packed lunch. Tea and coffee will be provided (please note there will be no other catering available on site).  

Note from Minette
I am a member of the island-based group of artists and makers QuayCrafts. To see some of the work I have produced with the group visit my artist page on the QuayCrafts website.

Please note
Advance booking is essential. This workshop will be run subject to a minimum number of participants. Should this minimum number not be reached the workshop will be cancelled and all bookings refunded.