Carisbrooke Castle Museum is the oldest Museum on the Isle of Wight.  It was established in 1898 by HRH Princess Beatrice, Queen Victoria’s youngest daughter, in memory of her late husband, Prince Henry of Battenberg.  It is believed to be the only public museum in the UK founded by a member of the Royal Family.

Founded as a ‘treasury of objects illustrating the history of the island’, the Museum now cares for over 35,000 items connected with Isle of Wight history.  

125th anniversary book

In 2023 the museum celebrates its 125th anniversary and has published a new book 100 Treasures and Curiosities to mark the occasion .

The book draws on the museum’s extensive collection to reveal some of the Isle of Wight’s most historic and significant stories alongside more unusual and quirky tales from the Island’s past.

It is available to buy now, in person at the museum or by post.