Anglo Saxon Treasures of the Isle of Wight

This exhibition organised by Carisbrooke Castle Museum and funded by the Weston Loan Programme with Art Fund, brings together over forty Anglo Saxon artefacts from the Isle of Wight.

Drawing from the collections of the British Museum, the Isle of Wight Heritage Service and English Heritage, many of the objects have never been exhibited on the island while others are seen together for the first time. They include rare and beautiful artefacts of national significance that provide a fascinating insight into the, otherwise little-known, lives of these ancient people.

Artefacts from the Anglo Saxon period reveal a highly organised, technically advanced and rapidly developing society. Far from being a ‘dark age’ between the end of Roman rule and the Norman Conquest, these objects tell a story of a sophisticated society with skilled craftspeople and international connections to Europe and beyond.

Please note: This exhibition is housed in a secure upper room which is accessible only by stairs. Unfortunately, because the castle is a listed monument it is not possible to make adaptions to provide access to upper floors for those who have difficulty managing stairs.

Anglo-Saxon skillet   © Isle of Wight Heritage Service

Created by the Garfield Weston Foundation and Art Fund, the Weston Loan Programme is the first ever UK-wide funding scheme to enable smaller and local authority museums to borrow works of art and artefacts from national collections.
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