Lower Gallery: History of Carisbrooke Castle

Occupying the former medieval hall at the heart of the Governor’s House, this gallery tells the story of Carisbrooke Castle through six of it’s most famous inhabitants.

stone carving of face of Isabella

Isabella de Fortibus A remarkable and powerful woman who controlled vast lands and property. She was ‘Queen’ of the Isle of Wight, ruling it independently from the Crown.

drawing of Peter firing his crossbow

Peter de Heynoe A hero who, according to local legend, killed a French commander and broke the only siege of the Castle.

painted portrait of George

George Carey A successful military man, aristocrat and politician. He was Captain of the Isle of Wight when it was under threat from a Spanish invasion.

Painted portrait of Charles I

King Charles I Ruler at the outbreak of the English Civil War, he was imprisoned at Carisbrooke Castle.

portrait print of Princess Elizabeth

Princess Elizabeth Daughter of King Charles I and known for her intellect and religious conviction.

photograph of princess beatrice

Princess Beatrice Youngest daughter of Queen Victoria and founder of Carisbrooke Castle Museum.

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