Out of the Box

Out of the Box is a new exhibition which combines displays drawn from Carisbrooke Castle Museum’s extensive collection of historic artefacts, with contemporary artistic responses created by QuayCrafts, an Island-based group of artist makers who work in a wide range of media including textiles, ceramics, print and photography.

The museum’s collection, acquired over the last 120 years, includes applied art, fine art, photography, social history, science and technology, archaeology and archives, and covers local history topics from prehistory to the present day.  Now totalling over 34,000 objects, only a small number can be displayed in the museum at any one time.

The Out of the Box project started when QuayCrafts were invited to discover some of these objects which were packed away in boxes in the museum store, but which have the potential to provide fascinating insights to the history of the Isle of Wight.  The artists selected objects and stories from the museum’s collection and the Castle’s history to inspire their work. 

The resulting pieces are shown alongside new displays drawn from the museum’s historic collection, including objects that reveal the way Island people of the past lived their lives, how they worked and spent their leisure time: from working on the land, in industry and on the sea and the shore, to games and pastimes.  

Please note: This exhibition is housed in an upper room which is accessible only by stairs. Unfortunately, because the castle is a listed monument it is not possible to make adaptions to provide access to upper floors for those who have difficulty managing stairs.

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