100 Treasures and Curiosities

A new book 100 Treasures and Curiosities from the Collection of Carisbrooke Castle Museum has been published to mark the museum’s 125th anniversary.

The book draws on the museum’s extensive collection to reveal some of the Isle of Wight’s most historic and significant stories alongside more unusual and quirky tales from the Island’s past. Established by Princess Beatrice in 1898, the museum was intended to be ‘a treasury of objects illustrative of the history of the island’. In the 125 years since, the museum’s collection has constantly grown and developed and now comprises over 35,000 objects ranging from the everyday to the exotic, from utilitarian to pure novelty. Today, Carisbrooke Castle Museum is a charity-run independent accredited museum and remains dedicated to the Island’s rich and varied history.

The book is available to purchase for £22.50 and proceeds support the museum’s work. Email info@carisbrookecastlemuseum.org.uk or phone 01983523112.

About the author’s

Dr Rachel Tait is the Curator at Carisbrooke Castle Museum. She was born and brought up on the Isle of Wight before studying History of Art at the University of Bristol. Since returning to the Island, she has worked in a number of local museums, joining Carisbrooke Castle Museum in 2016.  One of her main priorities for the museum’s collection is acquiring contemporary artefacts, ensuring it remains relevant to future generations.

Kate Tiley is the Assistant Curator at Carisbrooke Castle Museum. She has lived in Carisbrooke for much of her life, spending time exploring the castle grounds as a child. Whilst studying History at the University of Chichester she volunteered at the museum and has been employed as a curatorial assistant since 2013. Her research interests include the museum’s collection of historic costume and textiles.

The book is published in partnership with Medina Publishing and was generously funded by the Friends of Carisbrooke Castle Museum, the Isle of Wight AONB and the Herepath Shenton Trust as well as a number of individual object sponsors.

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