Community Outreach Restarts

Carisbrooke Castle Museum’s outreach collections are being used in the community again after a two year break due to the pandemic.

Lisa Kerley of Inspired Museum and Heritage Learning has developed a programme with the aim of using reminiscence as a tool for wellbeing. Older people across the Island have been benefitting including residents in Sovereign HOP (Housing for Older People) schemes who have been taking part in a range of sessions, using objects from the museum’s outreach collections to help spark and share their memories.

Lisa has also designed reminiscence booklets for all the participants which link to the themes of the museum’s outreach collections. These enable participants to record their own life stories using photographs as prompts. The sessions, delivered with the help of volunteers, have been designed to provide an enjoyable, educational and social opportunity for older people who may have experienced isolation during the pandemic.

This work has been made possible with grant funding from Arts Council England, IOW Council Adult and Community Learning Service and Sovereign Housing Association. If you’d like to know more about the project please contact Lisa for more information. 

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